How can your service benefit our company?

First: By drawing attention to your company product or services. What good is it to be at a tradeshow if no one knows you are there?

Second: Deliver your company message or product information in a humorous and magical way, while of course maintaining a professional presence and staying consistence with your goals and objectives. We call it INFOTAINMENT!

Third: Transforming your presentation into more than just an exhibit. Making your booth or hospitality suite an event

How do you prepare for a specific client?

Each event is customized according to your special needs. We start by asking a lot of questions For instance: What are your main objectives at a particular tradeshow or corporate event? What are you present marketing strategies? (related to tradeshows or corporate events). Does your product or service have a specific demographic? Is it for resale? What are you main distributors and is there a link in we can use? Normally about 20 to 40 questions depending on the type of company, product and event. The next step is a meeting between our performers, your tradeshow manager and booth staff. This helps us coordinate staging and scripting requirements. The more communication we have together the better we can promote your business.

What are your performance fees?

Our fees are dependent on your needs and are done on an event by event basis. Generally there is a performance/production fee plus standard travel expenses. Call us or Email us for an exact quote

What should we expect from your tradeshow presentations?

Simple! Increased Presence, More Qualified Leads, Larger Crowd, Happy and amazed future clients who will never forget the experience which all equals to INCREASED SALES!

What about company parties and fund raisers?

We perform for over 100 companies and celebrity events a year all over the U.S. and Europe About 60 percent is return business. Some companies have had him back to perform for over ten years now (Microsoft, Bank of America, Federal Express, AT&T, Corum, B.N.S.F Railroad, IBM etc.

What's your question? Call us! We have the answers

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