Reference Verizon Master of Ceremonies

"Huge Success!"

"As you know this was the first time we tried using a Master of Ceremonies for our entire meeting and from the response I can tell you it was a huge success! You carried us through the day by jump-starting the group in the morning, using your professional skills to introduce our VIPs and facilitate the questions from the audience and closing the day with your hilarious keynote. Thank you for making me look great!"

Kelli Cantrell, Communications Manager, Verizon

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Hiring the right Master of Ceremonies is one of the most important choices in guaranteeing a successful program and a great Master of Ceremonies can make your event. Don't leave it up to managers who don't have the skills, experience or desire to pull it off. Most of them don't enjoy being in front of an audience in this capacity. Hire someone who loves it!

Darrell's improvisational skills will make sure that any mishaps will become hilarious memories for all. In fact, your attendees will think they we're planned!

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